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Molly's Hats

While knitting my way through a bunch of yarn for a Raverly group, I realized I was leaving half-skeins of yarn left and right, unused in my knitting basket. I’ve been trying to knit through a skein before I start a next one, and so having all these half-skeins laying about was starting to bother me. To remedey the situation, I whipped up a hat pattern that is easy to memorize, can be made solid or striped with great results either way, and will help you use up all your half-skeins of yarn in no time!

The Molly Hat can be knit up using wool, blended, acrylic, and even cotton yarn! I’ve been using the pattern to knit up nest: Maine hats by the bundle! This pattern has been named after Molly Weasley and her love of hand-knits in the Harry Potter movies! I like to imagine Molly Weasley didn’t just knit for her own children and their friends, but that she used her needles to knit for as many folks as she could - this hat pattern was created with that charitable spirit in mind