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Franzia Hat

The Franzia Hat is perfect for working up at a knit night, when you want to spend your time focused on friends and wine, rather than a complicated stitch pattern.

As said by the hat model, Amy, “Quick and dirty, like a box wine.”

NOTE: You should not need double pointed needles for this hat. Simply work the decreases until you can no longer knit them comfortably on the circular needles, and your hat is done! If you prefer, you can work a modified magic loop for the last few decrease stitches to have less to bind off, but this is not necessary.

80-100 yds super bulky yarn

Suggestions include:
Knit Picks Tuff Puff (100% wool; 44 yds / 40 meters per 100 grams)
Loops & Threads Cozy Wool (50% wool/50% acrylic; 90 yds / 82 meters per 127 grams)

US 15 / 10.0mm 16” circular needle

One stitch marker
Darning needle for weaving in ends

2.5 sts = 1" in stockinette on larger needles

0-6m (6-12m, 1-2 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 6-10 yrs, teen/adult) = 15 (16, 17, 18…

Updating The Etsy Shop

In the past few weeks I've been slowly updating the She Makes Hats Shop, adding some new items along with old favorites. I'm using the shop as a way to send some much-needed items to the refugee efforts in Greece. I'll be taking $10 from each item sold, and using it to purchase and ship necessities like underwear, socks, sweatpants, sanitary napkins, toothbrushes, and more.

I'll continue to add items to the shop over the next few months, and I'd love for you to check out what I've got available. Hats are sized from newborns through adults, so you can shop for everyone on your holiday gift list!

I've also added the patterns I use for my shop items to the shop for purchase as well. This way, you don't have to purchase a hat from me if you know how to knit, and want to make a few hats yourself to gift this season! With patterns, I'll donate $1 from every sale to the Syrian refugee efforts, so you're still helping others with your purchase!

On top …

COZY, The Collection

I've finally gotten off my duff and put together eight hat patterns, all previously published as individual patterns, into a collection called Cozy. Perfect for gifting and charity donations, the hats in Cozy work up quickly using super bulky yarn. You can purchase the entire collection for just $15.00 - a huge discount as each pattern is $3.00 individually.

If you've purchased any of these patterns in the past, but would like to have the entire collection, please message me so I can give you a discount dependent on the number of patterns from Cozy you've already purchased. I'd hate for you to spend money twice for a pattern, after all!!

I hope to have more collections like this available, coming this fall and winter. I'm finally getting back to writing patterns, finishing up some of the many patterns I've had half-finished for years along with getting some new patterns out of my head. It feels good to get back to this, for sure!!


Simple Charity Hat

Back in 2010, I wrote and published The Minimalist Knitter's Handbook. While I am far from being a minimalist knitter right now (something I'm working back towards, though), I love that people still find the e-book on Ravelry and want to not only pare down their knitting lives, but knit from the patterns in the book!

It would appear that one of the original patterns from the book, the Simple Charity Hat, was left out of the update I did about a year ago! To remedy this, I'm going to include the free pattern here, so anyone and everyone can use it.

I do not presume to imagine this is a unique pattern. It is a simple size formula, with a few inches of ribbing followed by knitting until you're ready to bind off. That said, I loved making hats like this for many years, and it is a formula I still recommend to beginning knitters who want to learn to knit in the round, but aren't quite ready for decreases.
YARN One skein I Love This Yarn! (100% acrylic; 355 yards/325 me…

Keiran Blanket

I love little baby props, and mini blankets are no exception. They work up super fast, look adorable in photos, and can be gifted to new mamas to use as car seat blankets, perfect for keeping baby warm between the house and the car!

I've been slowly stocking the She Makes Hats Shop with newborn hats again, and have added in a few other fun newborn photo props, this Keiran Blanket included. You can purchase one there for just $25, or if you're so inclined you can make one for yourself using the free pattern shared after the jump!

Queen Of Hearts Hat Pattern

I may be a bit late for Valentine's Day this year with this pattern, but it's just too cute not to share anyhow! Perfect for those new to color work, you'll only work the contrasting color for a few rows, giving you just enough practice with two strands before you start to get so frustrated you just want to quit!

Free pattern after the jump!

Naomi Hat

I've been knitting with my Invisible Children hat pattern for years now, and recently I decided I wanted to make one with a super bulky yarn. So I re-worked the pattern just a bit to accommodate chunkier yarn and needles, and re-named it Naomi (to keep things from being too confusing).

For those who love the look of a garter stitch brim, this slouchy hat is for you! The thick yarn helps the hat work up super fast, and will definitely keep you warm as the wind blows!

Free pattern after the jump!

A Remnants Scarf

You know what I totally forgot about having short hair? I completely forgot just how cold my neck, and thus the rest of my body, gets when I don't have a thick curtain of hair keeping me warm! This is the first winter in like five years I haven't had hair that's at least shoulder length, and even though it's been extraordinarily warm most of the last few months, I've been extremely cold.And then, on Tuesday, it hit me why - no hair wrapping itself around my neck, keeping me warm!

What I needed was a scarf to keep me warm. Something simple that would use what I had on-hand, that I could whip up in a day or two at most. Otherwise I'd stall out, and would end up buying something from Target. Which defeats at least 75% of the purpose of being a knitter, doesn't it?!

To make this scarf, I grabbed several balls of leftover yarns - all of it ended up being Lion Brand Heartland yarn, which I absolutely love, although I didn't plan the scarf that way. I held a …

Tiny Hearts Hat

A month or two ago, my Aunt Charlotte sent me a big box of yarn she'd had on-hand for years. Full of skeins from both her mother and my grandmother, this is the type of box of acrylic many knitters would simply get rid of - scratchier yarn from decades past, in some amazingly bright colors.

I'm not one of those knitters, though. I know that one turn in the wash machine and whatever I've made will soften up tremendously. I also couldn't wait to knit with yarn that had that much history; thinking of my grandmother picking these colors out at the store was such a great image!

I immediately grabbed the one skein of cranberry in the stash and paired it up with some white yarn to make the Tiny Hearts Hat. These are skeins that are begging for a bit of color work, and I wanted something I could make on repeat, remember easily, and would work well with both traditionally girl and boy colors, as well as working with some really bright skeins.

The Tiny Hearts Hat is the perfect…

Brennan Beanie

The classic beanie gets an update with just the right amount of stripe. Perfect for people of all ages, the beanie is sized from newborns through adults and can be made fitted or with a bit of extra slouch.
YARN  100 yds Lion Brand Wool Ease (80% Acrylic 20% Wool, 197 yards/180 meters per 85 grams) Main Color
20 yds Lion Brand Wool Ease (80% Acrylic 20% Wool, 197 yards/180 meters per 85 grams) Contrast Color

NEEDLES  US 9 / 5.5 mm 16” circular needle
US 9 / 5.5 mm double pointed needles

NOTIONS  Darning needle for weaving in ends
Stitch Marker

GAUGE  16 sts x 20 rows = 4" in stockinette

SIZES  newborn (0-3 month, 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 1-3 year, 3-10 year, teen, adult)
11 (12, 13.5, 15, 16, 17, 19, 22.5)” circumference unstretched


Second Baby Blanket

A friend is about to have her second baby, and I knew I had to celebrate with a few knitted gifts. There are hats of course, but where her first received a few handmade blankets, this little one still hadn't received a single handmade blanket just a week before his arrival!

To remedy that, I hopped over to the store and grabbed some bulky yarn; with my size 15's in hand, I whipped a fun knitted blanket off the needles in a few quick knitting sessions over a weekend. Below you'll find my free pattern, if you'd like to make all the second and third babies (and then some) a bit of handmade love of their own!

I made this blanket with muted earth tones in a boyish palate, but I think this blanket would work with just about any color choices. You could alternate just two colors, you could choose a variety of tones of the same color, or you could go crazy with a huge variety!

Free pattern after the jump!